This game is different from anything we’ve done before. What we are doing here is an RP where everything will be done over Obsidian Portal. Each player will post what happens to their characters, while I throw in some of the main storyline and regulate what is being done.

I will allow each player to decide everything about their characters and their Pokémon. This includes their moves. I will even allow you make up your own attacks, but for that you have to run them by me. Make your stories fun and entertaining, but leave room to grow. I make one limit on the Pokémon. If you want a legendary Pokémon you must run it by me. More likely than not I will say no unless you can convince me. If you have a good story reason, I may allow it.

I have one stipulation that is imperative for this game to work. You must be willing and able to lose. You have control of your character, which means I have no way to enforce this so we go on trust. This game cannot work if everyone is Ash-Ketchem-never-lose-perfect.

Pokémon World

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