International Pokémon All-Stars Championship

The International Pokémon All-Stars Championship is Pokémon battle tournament, funded by Silph Co, held on Silph Co private island, the Island of Luna. the tournament is held on Silph Co’s private island of Luna Though it is stated that it is a league champion only tournament, though a non-champion contestant may enter the tournament on an invitation from the tournament director, Dr. Steven Sweeney.

The tournament competes under the normal Pokémon battle rules with a few modifications. Each player will be only allowed the use of 6 Pokémon during the course of the tournament. Any players who attempt to sub in a 7th Pokémon will be disqualified from the tournament. All Pokémon will be registered when the contestant enters the tournament. Single, double, and even triple battles are allowed as well as team battles, 2-on1 battles, multi-Pokémon free for alls. Trainers will decided between themselves which battle type they will compete in. The tournament uses a unique scoring system in order to allow players to compete against opponents they have already faced. When you compete in a battle, you will add or subtract part of your score using the table below.

Single, Double, Triple Battle

  • Victory +3
  • Draw +0
  • Loss -3

Team Battles (3 Pokémon per competitor, 1 Pokémon out at a time per competitor)

  • Team Victory with at least 1 Pokémon unKOed +3
  • Team Victory with all Pokémon KOed +1
  • Draw +0
  • Loss -3

2-on-1 Battles (2 Competitor team, 3 Pokémon each vs. 1 Competitor, 6 Pokémon)

  • Solo competitor victory +6
  • Team victory +3 each
  • Full draw +1
  • Partial draw (one team member out, other team member draw) +0 for draw members, -1 for out competitor
  • Solo loss -3
  • Team loss -3 per competitor

Multi-Pokémon Free-For-Alls (4 competitors max, 1 Pokémon each)

  • Last Pokémon standing +3
  • Second-to-last Pokémon standing +1
  • Second Pokémon out -1
  • First Pokémon out -3

International Pokémon All-Stars Championship

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