Pokémon World

International Pokémon Battle All-Stars Championship

Welcome to the first annual International Pokémon All-Stars Championship

This is not just any old tournament. This is the greatest and most challenging Pokémon Battle tournament ever devised. By only allowing competitors who have already won a national league championship to enter we have ensured that the field will be the greatest that the world of competitive Pokémon Battle has ever seen.

Though the prestige of being the greatest Pokémon master to ever live is enough for anyone, we have decided to sweeten the deal by offering 10,000,000P in prize money to winner.

The tournament will take place on Silph Co’s private island of Luna. Boats for Luna will leave from:

Any person who wishes to enter the tournament must register in one of these cities before boarding a boat. Using one of our boats is not required for participation but registration is. Any person found on the island without having registered will be immediately removed from the island and charged with trespassing. Any person wishing to be on the island as a spectator during the tournament must register in one of the offices in the stated cities.

Good luck to all who enter.


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